The lava lake of Erta Ale flows over.

Avachinsky volcano

Volcano Avachinskaya Sopka at sunset More Kamchatka photos on my website: www.xflo.net/en/?p=1716

Tengger Caldera

Tengger caldera, located on Java island in Indonesia, is a must-see for every volcano enthusiast. I was lucky that I had the chance to experience a sunrise you see only once in a life time. On my website you can see and read more about Tengger caldera http://www.xflo.net/en/2009/04/30/tengger-caldera/

Russian Pyramid

Klyuchevskaya Sopka volcano, the tallest active volcano in northern hemisphere. Here you read and see my complete photographic travel reflection

Big Bang

Tavurvur volcano in Papua New Guinea, located at the eastern end of New Britain island, the Rabaul caldera, ejects an ash plume rising up some 1.2km high.

Sulphur Soldier

Worker carrying up to 80kg of sulphur from the bottom of Ijen crater where next to an acid lake sulphur gets mined (Kawah Ijen/Indonesia)

Big Bada Boom

A Strombolian (gas-driven) eruption of Yasur's northeastern vent, a volcano on Tanna Island (Vanuatu archipelago). Here you can see and read more about this place

Dallol, the acid volcano

Dallol is an imploded volcano in north-eastern Danakil, a literally hot desert in Ethiopia. There geothermal activity transports different chemical compounds and salts to the Earth's surface where they form a such-like worldwide unique scenery.

Erupting Yasur

Yasur volcano on Tanna Island (Vanuatu archipelago)

Dallol, the acid volcano

Well, actually Dallol isn't really an acid volcano, but it used to be a volcano that once imploded and now magma is heating up the ground water making water vapour taking 1001 chemical elements and its compounds to the earth's surface. There large acid puddles appear leaving multi-coloured soil and salts behind.

Dallol is unique worldwide and is located in the North of Ethiopia's Danakil desert.

Tavurvur's Cauldron

Tavurvur volcano is located at the most eastern end of New Britain island, a part of Papua New Guinea.
The small but pretty naughty fire mountain is part of the Rabaul Caldera, a highly complex volcanic system with a 30-35km³ magma chamber.

Námaskarð Panorama

A panorama of the mud volcano in Icelandic Námaskarð (Krafla region)


Can you feel the heat? Can you smell the volcanic gas? Can you realise that you're about to witness Earth's and nature's biggest force?

Erta Ale, being located in Ethiopia's Danakil desert, is one of the most mystic volcanoes in the world. With some little interuptions only it is continously erupting since the 1960's.

The photo shows the southern pit crater with the beautiful lava lake. You can clearly see the traces of lava overflows.

As you can see I was lucky and could capture one of the very rare cloudy days in hyperarid Danakil desert.

Gorely volcano

Central crater of Gorely volcano and its fumarole. Mutnovsky volcano in the background, shrouded in clouds. More to see and read about Kamchatka on my website http://www.xflo.net/en/?p=1716 http://www.xflo.net/en/?p=1719